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Oshkosh Family Inc.



Oshkosh Family has been a Corporate Guardian, licensed by the State of Wisconsin, since 1988. OFI is one of the largest corporate guardianship agencies in Wisconsin and provides all of the services described in the Wisconsin Statute Chapters 54 and 55 and in the Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services Administrative Code HSS 85. Our professional staff pass strict background checks and are qualified to serve as Guardian of Person, Guardian of Estate or Guardian of Person and Estate. We provide professional and confidential services to individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness or the infirmities of aging and the like. OFI staff attend training events year round in order to stay abreast of changes in the guardianship field. Generally speaking, guardianship services are provided in the least-restrictive manner necessary in order to achieve their protective purpose while the staff’s focus still remains on personal liberty and self-determination.

Oshkosh Family Inc.

Member of Wisconsin Guardianship Association
Director is certified by the National Guardianship Association

SS / SSi Payee services

A representative payee receives Social Security (SS) and / or Supplemental Social Security Income (SSI) on behalf of individuals who may benefit from having someone else pay their bills. The main responsibilities of a payee are to use the funds to pay the current and foreseeable needs of the beneficiary and to prevent waste and fraud from occurring with their money. Another goal is to provide the SS client a more stable lifestyle. Oshkosh Family staff members must pass state background checks and are caring, responsible and fully bonded. They go beyond just managing finances and take the time to encourage good financial decision making by our clientele. Oshkosh Family Inc. provides help the beneficiary needs to establish a monthly financial plan, including spending money. OFI staff keep the individual involved, as is feasible, in the financial decision processes. Comprehensive monthly statements are provided upon request. In the interest of transparency, annual accountings are provided to the Social Security Administration to show that clients’ benefits are used according to Social Security guidelines.

Wisconsin Statutes

We care for our clients

Our team at Oshkosh Family Inc. are caring and compassionate individuals who go beyond just managing finances. We encourage our clients to make smart financial decisions and promote a more stable life. We help our client budget their spending and include them as much as possible on the financial decision making process.

we're trusted and certified

Mandatory background checks on all staff
Team members are fully bonded
We offer comprehensive monthly statements
Accounting reported to Social Security Administration

powers of attorney


When adult is unwilling or believes they are unable to properly manage his or her assets/income may voluntarily apply to the circuit court to have a conservator of estate be appointed to them. Oshkosh Family Inc. may serve as Conservator who any person who voluntarily agrees to the the court appoint our organization. The duties of a conservator are similar to those of Guardian Estate with the difference being that the person voluntarily decides to have assets/income managed.

Wisconsin Statutes

personal representative/
estate work

A Personal Representative (PR) is responsible for the administration of an estate in Wisconsin and is often called an Executor in other states. The Personal Representative must pay a deceased person’s debts and distribute the remaining assets of the estate. If any of the assets of the estate earn money, an executor must manage those assets responsibly. This process can be intimidating for an individual who has never handled estates before.

Oshkosh Family Incorporated has a long history of working with area attorneys to allow family and friends to move toward closure without being burdened by the responsibility of administering the estate of a loved one.

Wisconsin Statutes