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“Jane” was living with her disabled mother and a family member that sexually abused her. She did not work, had no social life and spent much of her time in her room.

Once Oshkosh Family Inc. became guardian, Jane was moved to an adult family home with 3 other young ladies where she has blossomed at her new home. She now works at Lakeside Packaging Plus full time, attends camps, Life Fest, is involved with COVEY and Special Olympics. She participates in many activities that enhance her life. With help from OFI, Jane formed many positive relationships and now feels happy and safe.

Jane was assisted through the Guardianship program


“Mary” was living independently in her own apt when Oshkosh Family Inc. was appointed guardian. Mary has schizophrenia, cognitive delays and was isolated and lonely in her apt. She heard voices in her head and they frequently told her to harm herself, to the point that she was afraid to leave her apartment or even open the door when others came over.

OFI worked to get Mary enrolled with Family Care and was instrumental in having her move to a small Adult Family Home with people who she became friends with. Her quality of life significantly improved once she was around others who listened to her and made her feel safe.  She formed stronger relationships with her family and became involved in her community. She now takes great pride in forming positive relationships with others.

Mary was assisted through the Guardianship program


“Edgar” was a victim of online financial abuse. He sent large amounts of money to someone overseas who filled his head with lies and promised him a life of luxury. Because he was lonely and vulnerable, he fell for all the lies. Edgar eventually was at risk of having his utilities shut off and losing his apartment because he was over $3,000 behind in his rent. Edgar was withering away as he did not have the money to get groceries.

Oshkosh Family Inc. became guardian of estate and stopped the financial abuse and eventually got Edgar caught up on his bills. OFI also set him up with the ADVOCAP nutrition program and Edgar now gets one hot meal each weekday. Edgar is now financially stable and is doing very well.

edgar was assisted through the Guardian of estate program


“Joan” was made a payee client of Oshkosh Family Inc. She came into the program with outstanding bills from several companies. She was on the verge of having her phone service shut off and her electric bill had been grown to over $600.00.

OFI was able to get Joan on a budget yet still provided her with some spending money for necessities while they slowly worked on paying off her large bills. Within a few months of living on a tight budget, OFI was able to increase her allowance as her bills were paid up. Joan called because she didn’t want to spend the larger check, thinking it was an error. It was explained to her that her bills were paid off and there were no more late charges to worry about either. She was ecstatic and said she couldn’t believe it was all taken care of. She was so happy and thankful that OFI was able to pay those bills off and get her back on track. Joan said she plans on going to see family out of town now that she finally has extra funds to do so.
Joan was assisted through the Representative Payee program


“Susan” was granted a guardian through Oshkosh Family Inc. in 2012. Previously, a family member had been guardian for her and was taking advantage of Susan financially and causing her extreme stress.

With OFI’s help, the financial abuse stopped, and Susan now lives in her own apartment with her cat and lives a very independent, happy life. She enjoys decorating her apartment and taking vacations. She reports that her relationship with family has improved since OFI took over guardianship.

susan was assisted through the Guardianship Program


“Mai” lived in a rundown apartment with her cat and bird. She had a number of untreated medical problems including diabetes and high blood pressure. She also suffered from severe memory problems. Mai didn’t have a working lock on her apartment door and her neighbors regularly walked into her apartment without even knocking. She reported missing items, but couldn’t identify who may have taken them. Mai eventually ended up in the hospital because of diabetes complications at which time OFI was appointed as her legal guardian. 

Her guardianship representative advocated for her to receive more assistance through the Family Care program because her past living situation had been unsafe. Mai now lives in an assisted-living setting getting the care she needs and was able to bring her cat and bird with her. Mai is now doing great and her health has dramatically improved.

mai was assisted through the Guardianship Program


“Sam” had a history of destructive and defiant behavior. He had lived in a number of different group homes since he was a child. The only constant in Sam’s life was inconsistency. Sam turned 18 and at that time, 

OFI was appointed his guardian and things started to turn around for him. He has now been working with the same support service for over two years and Sam is thriving now that he knows there’s a stable, safe place for him to call home. Sam recently transitioned into his own supported apartment and has obtained part-time employment. He has learned how to effectively and appropriately communicate his needs and regularly reports that he’s happy.

sam was assisted through the Guardianship Program
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